hyland magazine is the luxurious ipad magazine

          If you own an iPad, you should subscribe to HYLAND Magazine, a high-end, lifestyle, art, travel, architecture, residential decoration, cartoons, cuisine and charity magazine. It was created uniquely for iPad. It takes you intto a formidable luxurious journey.

         Christopher Hyland, Chairman of the first Conference on Design during a Presidential transition is the creator of Hyland, he is also the editor in chief, and together with editor Kyle Marshall they have put together a special groups of contributors, which includes Dick Kagan, Marta Hallet, Eduardo Lucheschi and Anthony Haden-Guest, among others.

         Hyland is just beautiful with superior content quality! So get on that iPad newsstand and get the latest issue of Hyland.

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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