vaczine # one by walt ceSSna is out


VACZINE # ONE is out. The annual hardcover art & literary journal edited & published by artist, writer and photographer Walt Cessna & art directed by Frank Gargiulo is finally available for purchase on Blurb.

Anything that Walt Cessna does is a true extension of his own style and aesthetics, he follows no one, but he has a huge following crowd. This past Friday, Walt Cessna together with photographer Natasha Gornik opened their “Sharp Objects” show at the Leslie-Lohman space on Prince Street.

VACZINE contains a vast group of New York artists hand picked by Walt to form an extremely visual, artistically inspiring and at times also sexually charged book. VACZINE is with no doubt a Walt Cessna’s look at what excites him as a human being and as an artist. Walt selected artist Scooter LaForge‘s work for the cover.

Yes, I was invited to be part of this first issue, and I felt honored to be in the company of such inspiring creativity…

Dietmar Busse for VACZINE

my self portraits 😀

FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot and NewYorkSPY

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