haPPy 2013 from gazeLLe

shirt and shorts by Alex Mallet
photo by Mark Anthon

        I guess, it is fair to say I had great 2012….it was so busy and full of great moments…personally speaking.

       Last night, it was just splendid!! I was in Rio de Janeiro with Mark Anthony, my  boyfriend/partner of six years. It was his first time in Rio for New Year’s Eve…and I had several parties to attend at the Atlantica Avenue strip, but it is impossible to go to everywhere, so I decided to enter the New Year’s Eve where I knew it would be the most fun for Mark…not that the other parties were any less…but everything or every mood is different, since I have so many different group of friends.

      We entered 2012 as guests of the very chic Renato Robinson, his parties guests are handy picked, and the mood is always divine, Renato has the ability to always create the perfect atmosphere to his guests. And the best of all, he is best friends with Joel de Mendonca, a dear friend of mine for twenty five years…Joel is just impossibly funny and fierce, he most loyal friend also.

     At the end of the night Mark said that New Year’s Eve in Rio was more than he expected…so I guess I can congratulate myself


Happy 2013…and in this year, I am going to try harder to post more often on FreakChic.com

burp, burp , burp

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