the moulin rouge beLLe epoque experience

a lovely time at the Moulin Rouge

         From the amazing New Year’s Eve in Rio, I went straight to Paris with my partner Mark Anthony. I have been to Paris zilhoes of times…so this time we decided to do something very different and touristy, after all we are tourists.

        The Ferrie show at the Moulin Rouge was nothing short of spectacular, trust me when I say to you that you are completely wrong if you think this is not worth it. We opted for a dinner  package with show, at first it might seem a little pricey, but when you think that you are having a five course dinner plus half a bottle of champagne(a whole one with your date) and the show, it is a great experience; do I need you to remind you that you are in Paris? We selected the super Belle Epoque dinner, which still had the Christmas theme, it starts at 7pm and the show starts at 9pm; delicious indeed…and you still get a metal heart shaped box with mints as a gift, which is a great souvenir to remember such a romantic night. Forgive me, if I sound so mellow…but it was such a romantic night.

         Photos are not allowed during the show, so click on the link so that you can have an idea of how beautiful the show is:

         So after New Year’s Eve in Rio…the Ferrie extravaganza at the Moulin Rouge is a great way to start 2014 or any New Year…just saying !!  


Mark and moi
Jan 4th / 2014

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   by Gazelle Paulo

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