gazeLLe at the aPPle store on 5th avenue

Gazelle at the Apple Store 5th Avenue

photos by Matt O’ Neill


          People that are very closed to me, know that for over two years I have been the subject of a documentary called ” Gazelle, The Love Issue “, a project by filmmaker Cesar Terranova. We are on the last few months of shooting (ending in February 2013).

          Today we shot the Gazelle Mac look scene, this was the look that Cesar kindly asked me if I would repeat it again. The first and only time I did this look (before today) was for The Happiness Issue of ” iD magazine ” in 2006. It is very uncomfortable, but a very strong and striking look.

           I told Cesar of course I would do it…but we took it to another step by doing a photo shoot with amazing photographer Dustin Pittman in front of the Apple Store or the ” Church of Materialism “, as artist Matt O’Neill calls it. Matt was passing by and took these interesting photos. He recorded the moment I was walking down the staircase and minutes later I was coming out of the elevator escorted out by security.

            Honestly, the idea was just to come out from the front of the elevator…but dressed like that I felt the urge to go down the staircase and ride back up in the elevator, how could I not? Of course, people went wild when I got to the bottom of the stairs when I had to stand waiting to for the elevator…security politely asked me to walk out…and the rest is history…

           In the elevator…a woman complained that I was inconveniencing her life…I guess she was in a hurry… I politely told her ” I apologize for inconveniencing your life ” and I waited for her response, maybe she would look up at my face…but she didn’t…she kept looking down as the elevator was taking us up…..

Dustin Pittman and Gazelle Paulo
after the Gazelle Mac scene
5Th Avenue

Gazelle, The Love Issue

The Happiness Issue
photo by Jesse Chehak
happy valley


Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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