gazeLLe striking a pose in tahiti

photo by Cesare Elia
small res

         Every time I go to a new place, and if it feels right, it is always good to do a small photo shoot with not really any ambition, just to leave a personal visual stamp; In Tahiti, I felt this need…in search of truth you can’t create a situation that doesn’t exist, it is easier to just adjust to the present beauty, and that’s what I did in Tahiti.
         The dress was designed by New York based artist Scooter LaForge, initially the idea was to do an under water shoot with sharks, but the situation proved quite difficult…and since I was on vacation…I just went with the flow. The photos were taken by Cesare Elia(our Tahiti host). The location was this stunning cemetery(Chinese Cemetery) on the top of a small hill in the Arue neighborhood, just outside Papeete.
        I love cemeteries, and to be dressed up, and in heels on a tree branch in a cemetery was just an amazing experience!

Gazelle in Tahiti album of Facebook

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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