gazeLLe’s ten gift picks for 2010




This is my 2010 Christmas gift picks, they are things that I personally like or buy for myself. Some are extravagant, some simple….like me. Happy Holidays !



1 – Couture chocolates by Mariebelle  


      They are ultra chic, Mariebelle offers you holiday gift options which are not only refined to the eyes, but delicious to the soul.




2 – Great Frog jewelry



      Talk about superb rock jewelry, go to Great Frog and you will find great things. They made all the jewelry for the Harry Potter films, need I say more?




3 –  Valentino Garavani, A Grand Italian Epic

      by Suzy Menkes, Matt Tyrnauer, Armando Chitolina


     An expensive book that will make a fashion and style lover so happy till year 4024.



4 –  Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani


     For men or women, it is a great gift for those who love citrus scents. It has been around forever, and there is a reason why…it is that great for the day, some people can work it for the night !



5 – No one should die of hunger, it is sad that we live in a world where “some” people don’t have the nutrition necessary to survive. There are so many charity foundations all over the world, for different causes…the one I support is the Food Bank of New York City. You should also support one…it will be good to your heart !


6 – A portrait by painter Math-You Namie

I do own one portrait of myself by Math-You, and it was the best money I spent on me. I deserved it and you deserve it too. His work is just that enchanting !


7 – Simple cell phones by John’s


    If you are like me who really believes that your cell phone is only supposed to get a call…then you will love John’s.



8 – Python Trenchcoat by Lost Art


    Honey, do you remember Spring 2000 when python invaded Gucci? Well, this trenchcoat by Lost Art is fierccccceee. Just fabulous beyond….(price upon request)



9 – Cardigans by Lucien Pellat-Finet


    I love them and they are not cheap,. they are the ultimate cardigan…and that’s all I can say !


  ** the site is down…


10 – Veuve Clicquot champagne


     Well, I know people that would be so happy to just get some good champagne as gifts to start planning the New Years Eve…my favorite one is with no doubt Veuve Clicquot





Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo


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