gazeLLe’s ten gift picks for 2011

This is my 2011 Christmas gift picks, again they are things that I personally like or I would buy for myself. Some are extravagant, some simple….like me. Happy Holidays ! You can also check the list from last year(link at the end of the list).

1 – Eleni’s cookies

It doesn’t matter what you will get at Eleni’s, it is a delicious gift, perfect for any occasion. The best cookies in New York City.

2 – Memento Mori

Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg has been handcrafting finest porcelain for 260 years, they are absolutely superb, but this skull piece with butterflies are pure perfection in my book. Yes, before you ask, it is very expensive. I know, you might think a skull might not be an appropriate Christmas gift…it is !

3 – Long Johns camouflage by Uniqlo

So cool, adding a little adventure to the winter…

4 – Cowssssss are IN

It is official, from the Cow Parade to the photo of Ashton Kutcher and his cow left behind him…cows are super IN now….

5 – Lips clutch by Lulu Guinness

I have always love her producst, but this new studded black leather clutch left my mouth opened.

6 – Adele forever…

She is indeed someone like me, like you…her voice is intense, super beautiful. Adele Live at The Royal Albert Hall is amazing.

7 – Scooter LaForge, the real artist

Scooter LaForge photographed by Walt Cessna

It doesn’t matter what you will get from him, it doesn’t matter the reason why…if it is because you love art or if you are investing in the future. Scooter LaForge is what art is about….the clown pieces are simply amazing !

8 – “Pretty Masculine” photography book

Photographer Mike Ruiz’s newest book is gorgeous, proceeds to benefit GMHC, so it is a perfect gift with a great cause behind.

9 – LELO Olga in Gold

Feeling lonely during the holidays? Don’t be, get yourself the “Olga” , the luxury dildo in 24 karat gold plate, then kiss it and tell…or whatever is that you do, when you do it or if you do it. You can find many other luxurious pleasure objects at LELO. Since 2003, this company has created amazing pieces for the ultimate intimate deluxe experience!

10 – iPad

I am not really a gadget person….but my boyfriend Mark gave me a iPad as an early Christmas gift, and I can’t put it down. It has made my life easier and more pleasurable…so I guess Oprah was right again !

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