dressed wrong to the right haLLowEEn party



*models John Kolic & Stacey Louise Grant with moi (dressed I don’t even know as what but┬ámy mask is by Scooter LaForge)

** moi with lovely hosts Ryan Hahn & Harris Levinson

This year I had decided to not go out on Halloween; I mean these past almost 15 years have been completely insane…and last year, artist Scooter LaForge and I went above and beyond with our HalloQueens costumes…
But, what can I say? The NYC party bug was still inside me, and among so many party invitations I decided on the last minute to go along with my darling friend Matthew Hars to a party he was invited.
For my surprise, when I got to the lobby to the fancy building – where I was going to meet Matthew – I couldn’t help to notice a large number of people arriving in Egyptian theme outfits. Of course I immediately texted my friend to inquire about, and his answer was “yes, I think the theme is Egypt”. I wanted to die…not only I was going as a “plus one”, but I was completely in the wrong costume…oh dear…me, of all people.
The super chic and fashionable hosts Ryan Hahn & Harris Levinson were simply darlings and made me feel so welcomed. And if you wondering what was my friend’s costume…well, he was dressed as Kim Davis. What a mess and what a fabulous Halloween party.



*Mikey, Abe, hosts Ryan & Harris and Nicholas

** models everywhere with their IPhones


moi with Matthew Hars as Kim Davis


Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

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