luxury resort and boutique hotels in mykonos

The famous Belvedere

           So many choices, so many great choices; but of course it all depends on what is your current state of mind. Like in any other hot vacation destination, in Mykonos there is always a scene waiting to happen. Apsenti, Grego Philia, Kivotos, Mykonos Grace, La Residence Mykonos…if you wish there is a boutique hotel for every day of your staying.

            My recommendation for boutique hotels are ” Bill & Coo ” and the ” Belvedere ” of course…and if you really want to go above and beyond, you will feel in heaven at the Saint John hotel resort !

                 Many years ago when I was planning a visit to Mykonos, I knew I was going to stay at the Belvedere…but I had to cancel the trip…so only now many years later, I had the chance to know this very famous spot. Someone very well connected from Mykonos told me that Belvedere days were long gone…specially because there are so many great choices in the area. I had lunch in the pool area, and I must say, I was disappointed…just too crowded and I don’t mean with people, but you can tell it is a complete scene…and if that’s what you want, for sure Belvedere is your place, and you will have the best time. It is the Belvedere after all…and they have Matsuhisa Nobu Mykonos restaurant.
             I believe the best value for your money is the “Bill & Coo” where the suites are superb, the service is phenomenal. We stayed there briefly on our way to a private villa…and honestly it felt like a private small villa already…the set up is spacious, and I felt that the quests in the pool area felt completely relaxed, maybe because the view of Megali Ammos beach bay is just stunning.


*as guests of Richard Machado and Dennis Lamont we enjoyed “Bill & Coo” suites before going to a private villa…so as you can see I felt very at home in the private pool.

Now, if you want to experience a Greek luxury resort hotel, you must stay at the Saint John(below)…you might even forget you are in Mykonos…it is expensive, but it is worth it !

** behind these misterious walls…Saint John is a dream !

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by Gazelle Paulo

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