staying at the royal olympic hotel in athens

* Part of the lobby
** My friend Fernando Ferraz crashed as soon as we got into the room

             When I planned my trip to Mykonos…I decided to stay two days in Athens, so I that could experience the city history a little. I had two options to where I was going to stay: Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens or the Royal Olympic Athens, both hotels were very highly recommended by friends who know me well enough. Although the Grande Bretagne was much more closer to my taste, I decided to pick the Royal Olympic; I was very intrigued by the strong blue and gold palettes of its rooms.
             Honestly, from a point of view of a real luxury hotel, the Royal Olympic doesn’t really deliver the fantasy or the solid grandeur. The room (Athenian Panorama) we stayed was extremely spacious and comfortable, and for my surprise it was very clean, something about the photos on the hotel site gave me the impression that it smelled old, specially the carpet, but I was wrong about that, everything was new and super clean. The location couldn’t be better, from our room we could admire the Temple of Zeus and if you get closer to the window and look left you can also see the Acropolis. I must say that the marble bathroom was divine.
            Breakfast was served on the rooftop restaurant where you could really admire both historic sites… the view is just breathtaking in the morning and in the night as well, if you decide to dine in it. Breakfast was just pure buffet style, quite rushed and nothing fancy…someone completely overlooked details…sorry but in a luxury hotel, one should not unwrap butter…and please let me not go into the fresh flowers category.
            The swimming pool area was charming and small, but it lacked personality and action. You must think that after a day of sightseeing around Athens, that people would be drawn to that pool area for a lovely drink and just have Greek dreams…but it did lack flair…overall it was a lovely experience at this hotel, and yes I would stay there again, but next time I will try the Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens.

* Fernando had to take this photo of me in this lovely bathtub…of course !
** Fernando and I on the rooftop after breakfast…great view of the Acropolis behind !

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