gazeLLe the love iSSue opens the first iFFnoho

ifinal 1

ifinal 2

  • moi with Ross Shaw
  • darling friend photographer Jo Lance, moi and director Cesar Terranova

The opening night of the first IFFNOHO (International Film Festival of North Hollywood) in Los Angeles was just a lot of fun. I felt extremely happy that the movie Gazelle The Love Issue by Cesar Terranova was selected to be the opening film of the festival. It has been just a great run for this movie, and it was just so exciting to be able to attend the screening.


ifinal 3


ifinal 4

moi by Cesar Terranova / NOHO in Los Angeles

Paul Smith suit & Gucci shoes, both painted by artist Scooter LaForge. Flower headpiece by Christian Svoboda

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

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