ru paul:” we aLL came to this world naked, the rest is aLL drag”

 Ru Paul mask: you will be able to view and enjoy this art piece by artist Fernando Carpaneda in London at the Resistance Gallery during a three day festival event presented by Jason Atomic and Garry Vanderhorne. The event will be based around the mystique of the mask, and it starts on July 30th. You can join the event and the group ICONOGRAPHY OF MASK on Facebook.

vamping with aLLanah staRR



Today I had lunch with Patrick McDonald at Cafe Life on the East Side.Then we walked to the Garo Sparo store to say hi to the fabulous Iggy. The beautifiul Allanah Star was there, trying gorgeous corsets…she was being followed by two camera crews…I guess we(Patrick & I) did a cameo in it for whatever the video is for…she asked us if we are coming to opening of VAMP tonight at Element.