fasano hotel: the best new year’s eve of rio de janeiro

Fashion Consultant Raphael Mendonça and his chic friends at the Fasano Hotel

            New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting nights ever. Throughout the years, I have been lucky enough to be able to have witnessed many great parties all over the world, from a crazy Las Vegas to a cold Paris, or to a busy South Beach to a super fun Glascow…it is just a joy. However, I have yet to be at Dubai for this special night, but I am working on it.

          This year, I was in Rio de Janeiro once again, it is just impossible to be away from that magic, beauty and tradition that this city has to offer during the first minutes of the new year, this was my fourth time in a row.

           I was the guest of a dear friend who took me to some of the most amazing parties in the marvelous city, we made five stops total, and some were so grand that I decided not to post photos of it, since people can never understand that kind of lifestyle …just saying .We started the evening at the building Chopin, which has the most coveted New Year’s Eve private parties of the whole Rio de Janeiro, we were part of the list of the 300 guests who attended the super party of  Liliana Rodriguez and Nestor Rocha. Needless to say it was amazing!!

          After changing clothes(yes, we had to), our third stop of the night was at the party of businessman  Catito Peres and his partner German Eformovich at the former home of Catito on Atlantica Avenue, which now has been demolished to give space to a modern hotel. Catito transformed the area in a beach for one night…it was hysterical and super fun.

          At 5:30m, we got to our fifth and last stop of the night(see above, me and my friend holding a Moet for fun). The party at the Hotel Fasano was going strong and with full force energy. I must say that I don’t recall ever arriving at a place that late and where the vibe was absolutely contagious. The Fasano no doubt had the best party of Rio de Janeiro for New Year’s Eve, because I can only wonder how it must have been few hours before we arrived there…the music, the guests, the view…and the staff was simply the best and super friendly, at that time of the morning, champagne and food trays were still being offered around…so you better know that if you are going to be in Rio for 2015. Watch the fireworks in Copacabana, then go to Fasano… if you can ! 

* first stop of the night at the Chopin for the Liliana Rodriguez & Nestor Rocha
** Anna Maria Tornaghi and Fernando Bicudo

super tight security already in a extremely secured building

**third stop of the night: Catito’s party was so much fun

    Freak Chic
    by Gazelle Paulo

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