rio de janeiro: the best new years eve






  • starting the night at 10PM in the Tancredo Neves building at a lovely, calm and chic party.

I strong believe that how you spend the first hours of the first day of the year it will maybe influence the energy for the whole year…of course not, but it is always good to start the year with a bang, and the only place that I know that is an all night long party on New Years Eve is definitely the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro.

From an old school high society party in a magnificent apartment in the Tancredo Neves building in Atlantic Avenue to a Gavea neighborhood mansion owned by a famous and glamorous gay couple in Rio de Janeiro; and ending up the night and starting the day and year at the very posh and cool Fasano Hotel in Ipanema where at the moment you come out of the elevator, a waiter will greet you with real champagne; I had the best time ever…


Second stop of the night at 2:30AM in the home of Andre and Bruno Chateaubriand:

rio 10

rio 7

rio 6

rio 8



and ending up the night at 6AM in the Fasano; and yes, I even deserved a quick clothing change…Happy 2016 everyone !! 😀


rio 16

rio 12

rio 11

rio 14

rio 15

rio 13

rio 17

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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