ten 2013 haLLowEEn costumes by gazeLLe


   Ok, not ten…twelve is better !! 

   Well, Halloween is only two weeks away! This time of the year, my friends always bombard me with questions about what to wear out. These costume choices can be so dramatic, especially if you are going to be a part of a group! I personally don’t like anything that is too monstrous and bloody…so, I took the time and came up with these predictable ” fashionable” POP inspired based suggestions for you to do the final look !Please get the idea and add your own personal twist to it !

  1 – Amanda Bynes 

      Let’s face it, this is the easiest look to create…get a blond messy wig , a black iPhone, a pink grill and some colorful bong…and you are so set !

 2 –  Gatsby Punk

         Two big trends this year, try to get them both in one look and put some blood all over. 

3 – Selfie 

    Beyonce shows us the best selfie of them all…literally !


4 – Bird 

     Why go out as Big Bird, when you have a fierce fashionable Tweety Bird by The Blonds !!! Hot, hot !!

5 – Cher 

Cher is back …so let’s share the Cher love in any way possible….

6 – Chris March   

     His foam wigs with be everywhere this year….the super hot Halloween item of the season, still available at Target

7 –  Pregnant couch Kardashian & genius Kanye West 

      Do I really need to explain this royal mess ?

8 – Kinky Boots

     This a great theme for a group look…but keep the boots flashy and the top basic

9 – Malala        

     Get her book to accessorize the look, and you will be a hit in the name of peace

10 – Gravity       

      Well, the coolest movie of the year , and don’t we just love astronauts?

11 – Government Shutdown     

       This is the hottest theme…so get a yellow tape and wrap it around a Statue of Liberty look or any other federal service building representation, and hold a ” closed ” sign….yes, it is cheesy…..but is fun !!

12 – Miley Cyrus, the Queen Bee Bitch of Tweerking  

       You can’t and you will not escape from the Miley Cyrus fever this year….so, you have the option to have your boyfriend join in as Robin Thicke in that white and black striped suit …or just twist it even more…do a Michele Bachamann with a big bloody finger…

 So, go out and have fun…SHUT IT DOWN !!
 Happy Halloween 2013 !!

Freak Chic
 by Gazelle Paulo

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