calouros (freshmen) from uff take over ipanema beach in rio

Patricia, Bianca and Camila
Ipanema Beach / Section 9 at Farme de Amoedo

            Ipanema and Leblon beach got inundated yesterday by freshmen from the UFF(Universidade Federal Fluminense). These young students were collecting money as a part of their initiation for their first year. I don’t know where they were coming from, but by the time they got to the Ipanema gay beach, some kind seemed exhausted (lol); they all looked happy to be a part of this student prank tradition.
            If I remember well, one of the students told me that the money would go to an Academic Center for their university. I think UFF promotes a cultural prank which in a way gives more value to the experience. I gave R$ 5 to each group that passed by, and of course they had to pose for me. I would have taken Captain America back to New York with me, and would gladly given him a tour of Columbia University.

by Gazelle Paulo

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