gazeLLe interviews scOOter laforge for major pop

Scooter LaForge and Gazelle Paulo

at Scooter’s studio

New York City

      The second interview collaboration that I did for the site ” Major POP ” is online. This time around I sat with New York based artist Scooter LaForge, who is also a dear friend. Scooter was nice enough to let us in his studio, and we chatted about all things in general. The interview was set up as a performance piece, since Scooter was painting me as we talked. It was fun and unscripted, and after a while, we all let loose…and it was pure magic !

** Major POP is a fashion/art/pop site created and produced by fashion editor Aline Pimentel

Amanda’s interview for Major POP

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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