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Slowly, New York City is being taken by surprise with the news of the passing of Canadian born Derek Neen, who was one of the most loved doorperson in this town. Derek was a gentleman; he was kind, nice, firm and respected by every one. He loved Brazil and Brazilians.
Beige, B Bar and Splash are some of the places where he was the face that you “had to face” if you wanted to walk in. But it was at Roxy Saturdays (promoted by John Blair Promotions) where Derek was the king absolute….in my memories of that great night, Roxy and Derek will always be in the same sentence…same thoughts…

“A good doorperson should have an insatiable fascination for amusing, sexy, accomplished people….In addition, running an effective door requires patience, an open mind, and a firm hand. Speaking a few extra languages comes in handy, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of state and international ID’s, and one should possess the heart of a hedonist and the mindset of an experienced Brazillian bath house rent boy–in other words by all means encourage and foment revelry and legal vices (in moderation), but don’t be taken advantage of.”
(Derek Neen in an interview with Michael Musto)

RIP Derek

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  1. Loved me some Derek! I’ve known of his passing years ago, but for some reason thought of him and wanted to read about him again.


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