leigh bowery unpublished photos by a.m. hanson


* Richard Torry, Matthew Glamorre on keyboards and Leigh Bowery (unpublished)
**published photos of Leigh Bowery and Nicola Bowery ( published in ‘Leigh Bowery’ monograph, Violette Editions, 1998)
*** Leigh and Nicola (before and after)
all photos taken by A.M. Hanson at Freedon Cafe in 1994 – last Leigh performace

         This past week very late at night, London based photographer and artist A.M. Hanson dropped some photos on my Facebook wall. He was very pleased with the homage I did to Leigh Bowery at the 2012 Pride Parade in NY. Hanson has photographed Leigh many times, and several of his photos of him have been published.

         These were published and unpublished photos from the last performance of the Minty at Freedom Cafe in London. Minty was a band formed by Leigh Bowery, Mathew Glamorre, Nicola Bowery and Richard Torry.That night, Leigh did his birth act with Nicola and that was the inspiration I had for my look for Gay Pride this year.

         Hanson also sent me two never unpublished photos of Leigh arriving at the legendary ” The Beautiful Bend “. Love them all !


Leigh Bowerry arriving at “The Beautiful Bend “
1994 – London
unpublished photos by A.M. Hanson
as yet !!

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by Gazelle Paulo

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