from grEEce with love

* Gazelle by Richard Machado 
** A Greek pelican
*** Mykonos

          Since I can remember learning about Greece I knew I was going to go there one day; for me to go anywhere in the world is just a matter of finding the time, and for at least 20 years I had fantasizing about going to that country; but I had made it personal the reasons and how I was going to go there…well it didn’t happen that way…and sometimes we can’t wait too long for things to come by how we wish !

          This year I had told myself I was going to Greece one way or another; and it just so happened that my friend Richard Machado was celebrating his 40th birthday in Mykonos, so it was just meant to be. To be surrounded by long time friends, and meeting new and nice people made this trip very memorable. I met Maria Padoula in Athens, she is someone whom I only knew from Facebook, and she made our stay in Athens so pleasurable….and not only that…meeting her was just so wonderful, I guess I can say I have a new friend in Athens.

         In Mykonos, our hosts Dennis Lamont and fashion photographer Richard Machado went above and beyond to make sure all his guests felt comfortable and pampered …we even had a private driver in Mykonos , but more than that, the chemistry I felt at the Okyroe villa where we stayed was so magnificent, Richard’s friends were wonderful…it made me not want to come back to reality…just like in the movie Shirley Valentine…in a dramatic romantic way…I felt like her…she stayed in Greece forever, I know I will go back again….I must !

* Gazelle in the Acropolis
** Gazelle, Maria Padoula and Fernando Ferraz, in our last night in Athens
*** Gazelle and our great host Dennis Lamont
**** Gazelle and Richard Machado, in the Okyroe Villa in Mykonos

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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