grEEk salad in grEEce

My first glimpse of Athens

             I spent a great time of my life fantasizing about going to Greece. I have always being so intrigued by its history and people. I have never had the time or the right moment to visit this great country. Two days ago, I landed in Athens, one of the world’s oldest cities; it was such a good feeling to finally know I got here…it felt so good to accomplish this small dream. I felt like Shirley Valentine !! Do you know what else felt great and amazing? To eat a real Greek salad in Greece….just saying !

A real greek salada in Greece
Cafe Smile


by Gazelle Paulo

1 thought on “grEEk salad in grEEce”

  1. I am really happy you finally got to visit Mykonos. Twenty years ago my friends and I started going and now try to go every year. One friend Roz went years ago and met her husband there and now they own the Adonis hotel in town. This year I passed on traveling there but next year I will be back. Have a blast your pics from facebook look amazing.


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