hanging out in buenos aires

Evan Lenhoff, Roger Padilha and Gazelle Paulo
Cafe Tortoni / Buenos Aires

      This week I was in Buenos Aires, where I spent a lovely afternoon in the company of Roger Padilha and Evan Lenhoff, dear friends who are also from New York.

We met first at Cafe Tortoni, the oldest coffee place in Argentina; then we went out exploring the city, we walked everywhere, from the Recoleta Cemetery to La Casa Rosada…we even encountered a street demonstration where the protesters were marching to the sound of drums.

The weather was simply marvelous, and I spotted the rainbow umbrella(see photo) in a Chinese bazaar…so I had to have it.

 * Roger Padilha and Evan Lenhoff ( Recoleta Cemetery/ photo by Gazelle Paulo)
 * Gazelle and Evan Lenhoff (photo by Roger Pad

by Gazelle Paulo

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