to mykonos from athens…go from the rafina port


                I could have flown straight to Mykonos, but because I wanted to stop in Athens for a few days, I really didn’t want to go back to the airport since my life is spent in airplanes, so the other option was to go by ferry. As a suggestion from a friend, we took the express ferry in the Rafina port, we arrived in Mykonos after a 2h 15min smooth trip.
                 The good surprise was that coming back from Mykonos to Athens to catch our flight back to US, we found out that the airport is located between the city and the Rafina…so it was such an easy experience. Did I mention that there is also a trip from the port Piraeus that takes between 4h 30 min and 5h 15 min? It also depends on the type of ferry you get…trust me on this…go from Rafina !!

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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