Time stood still in this decade where the world changed forever on that morning on September 11th. The absence of the Twin Towers has left a hole in New York City, it doesn’t matter what they will build there…it will never be the same, and never in this case is really never. I honestly can’t be political about anything because the corrupted mind is something I can not comprehend or in another words, I just don’t want to…call me crazy, but I believe the all game of religion, politics and power is really where the devil is….I am happy that this decade is over, but a certain anguish has taking over the world…and people in charge can say what they want…but the truth is that we are only safe in the true beauty of hour hearts….I hope people will never forget those images from that morning….they show our true vulnerability  and the fragility of our time in this world…innocent gone people that otherwise could have been today sitting here with us…

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