bp under our skin

Art by Eric Nelson

In a world where half the people are trying to become what they will never be…and the other half are split in one side just making ends meet and the other side really caring about the well being of others…it is very hard to see this image above…if it wasn’t enough to see the garbage produced by severe corrupted people like Sarah Palin and demented arrogant vegetables like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt or really stupid, ridiculous, ignorant and dangerous people like the Uganda pastor Martin Ssempa…which probably only has “poo poo” in his brain. Nothing compares to the sadness and the loss caused by the biggest oil spill in US modern history. What really upsets me more than this horrible ecological disaster/environment crime is how it has been handled morally by those responsible for it. The money spent on image control is insulting while human rights and animals rights have been violated for years by BP…what a sad joke…I find quite ironic that even James Cameron has been called to help on…Avatar had a real message….and it is here now !

by Gazelle Paulo

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