dos & don’ts on a hot suMMer day !

photo by Gazelle

  1 –  Please don’t go out with a giant umbrella to protect you for the sun…specially if you are a gay man !
  2 –  Don’t wear underwear !
  3 –  Stay all day in a movie theater…watching movies of course!
  4 –  Don’t break up with your boyfriend…your building might have an electricity problem…and there goes your A/C relief for the night !
  5 –  Stop complaining about the heat…or just move to Alaska !
  6 –  Stop flaunting you have a share somewhere, unless you are going to share it….after all it is a share !
  7 –  Wear the tackiest sun glasses…just to annoy pissy queens.
  8 –  Surrender forever to the idea of getting a new diet just because it is summer….by now you should already know it is too late !
  9 –  Don’t wear black or neon colors during the day…oh please don’t !
10 –  Swim naked somewhere…
11 –  Watch RuPaul’s Drag race with guest judge Lady Bunny…that will make your day even hotter !!!!!
12 –  Be happy it’s not winter…lol !
13 –  Don’t fight the heat…make it glamorous !
14 –  Get yourself into a watermelon coma !
15 –  If it rains…run naked through the streets of your neighborhood !!

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

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