dreams of drug frEE favelas

Morro do Vidigal
Rio de Janeiro
photo by Gazelle Paulo

People lately are asking me what I think of the violence that took place in the “Complexo do Alemao” in Rio de Janeiro. I honestly wish it was a question easy to answer, there are so many social, economic and political aspects to this war, that I honestly believe it will never be over. It is funny how fast in some parts of the world they assume the violence and the deaths of innocent lives lost in this take over operation were perhaps unnecessary, I wish they could also understand how many innocents lives are lost everyday because of the drug trafficking, not only in Rio but in all parts of the world, unfortunately measures are needed to be taken, and in anything related to this, lives will be lost in the crossfire, it is the law of this particular issue. Drugs exist, because people use them(hello…), just because  “some” of these people were arrested, if you think the problem will be over…it is not. The state needs to fight with social program and jobs, what happens in the favelas are different from what happens in the streets, situations would be treated differently if things were happening in Leblon or Ipanema in bright day light. Police needs better pay in all levels, so that corruption could be avoided, sometimes people in the favelas don’t know what they fear more…the corrupted police or the violent drug traffic.The state needs to really give priority to the safety or the population and it can be done. I have never seen the streets of Rio been so safe during ECO 92, yes it was safe the tourists windows of the marvelous city, why can’t the same effort and money be also direct to the less privileged. So I think…so I dream…

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

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