gazeLLe is aNNa wintour’s worst nightmare. hoRRid !


         The thing is I don’t want to understand human labels: drag queens, club kids, freak chics (which I use it), gay, straight, stupid, smart, trannies…we are all in the same boat, we’re all gonna die(yay NeNe)…I dress up how I want in different ways because it is how I translate inner pain and madness to “my” outside world, because it eases my choices in my life…some people call it depression, others use other names, I call it a pure expression of what I want to be that day, or that moment…not that I really care what people that I don’t know thinks of me…if I did, I wouldn’t leave the house with a Mac Computer monitor in my head…but it is my own therapy, and it is twisted, but somehow in all this I can find happiness.

         Reading the reactions to Michael Musto’s great post on his blog about my looks, only makes me more fascinated about human misery…people that don’t know me, him or Acid Betty have an opinion so radical about the perfection that they want to see or to what they want to believe, so this small drama makes me so happy to be who I am…and that includes my acceptance of others…including their ignorance or perhaps still their own lack of self discovery, which for that what they only need is a clean mirror.

         On the negative comments, the only one I have something to say is about the RuPaul’s drag race…I wouldn’t enter that race because it is not what I am about, but I respect every single one of them for having the drive and skills to be in that great arena and to fight how they can and know for their dreams, I just rather do it other way, and on my own personal race I have no desire to be a star… but I really believe that RuPaul’s message for inner beauty is sincere. He walked the walk so he can do the talk. I truly love him for that…

by the way…I am thinking about a new look and it will be: ” Anna Wintour’s worst nightmare. Horrid! “.
and that’s all …

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1 thought on “gazeLLe is aNNa wintour’s worst nightmare. hoRRid !”

  1. Agree completely with you!
    Concerning the human misery, a bitter-sweet consciousness, I smile, being persuaded, as Laurence Sterne asserted, that that every time a man but much more so when he laughs – it adds something to this fragment of life.

    xxx N


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