Many years ago Michele Duvalier said in an interview that the entire government palace in PAP was air-conditioned  “because one cannot live in Port au Prince without air-conditioning”. Michele was the First Lady of Haiti from 1980 to 1986. She was being interviewed by Barbara Walters. Today she lives in France and uses her single name Michelle Bennett, since she is no longer married to Jean-Claude Duvalier who was the ruler of Haiti since 1971, he was deposed in 1986.

  Almost 30 years ago, things have not changed a bit…blame it on a complete corrupted mentality, it is sad to say but every year much of the humanitarian aid is still pocketed by officials. Above 75% of the population continue to live under the poverty line.

   This week commercial flights were allowed to resume operations in Haiti. So I worked a flight to Port au Prince  almost 6 weeks after a massive earthquake that has probably killed 250,000 people and left hundreds of thousands completely homeless.

   The flight was full of rescue workers that were going back again, since some institutions take turns in their missions. A lot of supplies were brought aboard. I am very happy to know that most of the donations are really getting to where they are supposed to be going to, and  they are not being handling by local officials.

   In the flight there were lots of Haitians that have not being able to return since the day the earthquake hit their home. These were people that were coming back to their loved ones…some would have relatives waiting there for them…some would have nobody waiting..It was a very emotional situation, these people have spent a life of struggle caused by human greed, and sometimes by natural causes. And yet I still could feel their warm, love and appreciation for simple things in life. Very interesting on the flight back from Haiti was to be able to be talking to people that were not hurt during the earthquake but also couldn’t leave Haiti. A woman told me on the flight back that what she missed things that she complains about every year…and she mentioned snow !

    I will not post explicit photos of this human tragedy, because I honestly think that some things are not meant not be over exposed…at least by ME.


Gazelle in Port au Prince ( Haiti )
February 22nd / 2010

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