i would rather wear anything than go naked…

         New York, Milan, London and Paris…the fashion shows are finally soooo over and if you followed those models down the runaway you know that furs will be a hot piece again in the next winter, with people saying that it is back ‘with a vengeance.’  The truth is that it never went away…people would just rather not express their choice of it openly, simply because the eternal discussion of whether to wear or not to wear fur will ever end.  It becomes too heated …and then we are left with some of the most stupid rationalizations like vintage fur is ok to wear, they say that the animals have been dead too long, people are so silly sometimes. Now the battle is about being real or fake. Did you see Chanel’s ‘triumph of fake fur’ ?? Is this also the future for Fendi ? I am getting confused…that’s why I will always love Lacroix who once said “I’m no hypocrite. I love fur,” ….moi? I’d rather wear anything than go naked…I wonder what PETA thought about Quentin’s statement !!??….. sign of times…and of course, the Russians are back in the business…need I say more?

Quentin Veron t-shirt

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