lady gaga: original or copycat ?

           Gazelle, did you see Lady Gaga on TV? Gazelle, what did you think of her latest look ? GazelIe, did you see Lady Gaga post Halloween look? I have lost the count of how many people have asked me if I think Lady Gaga’s look is really fierce or just a simple copycat of  the underground people. I absolutely love Lady Gaga’s music and the energy that she brings with it. Of course you will be completely shocked and enchanted by Lady Gaga’s look if you have never been to the underground scene of New York and London. Or if you never heard of socialite Daphne Guinness !!! You know what I am talking about if you were lucky enough to have attended one of the divine parties of Kinky Gerlinky, the most stylish club that London ever had. And Torture Garden? And how about Kashpoint? Just other London gifts to the underground extreme style .In New York city, Susanne Bartsch have been doing the most amazing well studied and fierce looks for years, which brings me to Kenny Kenny.  Kenny is amazing, he is a creative force who travels around the world and can build a superb look that in no way should be confused as Halloween, it is just pure fashion; He has extremely original ideas, and they come from a very personal sense of style that is inspired by his experience. Lady Gaga looks amazing, there is not question about it…but in my opinion it is nothing that I haven’t really seeing before, and that’s not her fault, that’s what the scene is about if you are in that scene. Everybody is so creative !! The first time I saw her last year during the Miss Universe, I enjoyed her performance much more than her look, which it reminded of Grace Jones early years, and as she is getting bigger of course she is getting access to the best and the hottest fashion out there. I just saw a photo of her wearing Stefan Orshel-Read,  isn’t that just fabulous? Of course it is !!! She is surrounded by a true sharp stylist (Nicola Formichetti) who makes sure that she looks like she is coming out from an avant-garde dream, that’s his job and he is really great at it. There is a big difference in her styling since her first video from the last one ” Bad Romance “, which is only natural, because she is bigger now, therefore she dresses better. I would like to believe that when Madonna started her career, she had some idea who Mainbocher was, and then several years later we saw the image of Horst’s iconic photograph The Mainbocher Corset in the Vogue video. But I truly don’t think she really knew who he was before, is that her fault? I don’t think so !!. And I remember everybody saying something about Madonna’s look when she started…where it came from? A lot of people said she had stolen their look….Hello Marilyn? And I don’t mean Marilyn Monroe.

      I must say that I really enjoy the different sunglasses I see her (Lady Gaga) wearing, I think that they are really amazing. So I think that the great thing in all this is that because she has crossed over to the main stream, she has reached a lot of different people that are paying attention to her, people that never opened the pages of Italian Vogue, and that makes everything so much exciting for everybdody; people get shocked that she is hanging out covered in blood for the world to see, and that’s funny to watch their reaction…because I have seen that scene before if you combine the world of Julie Atlas Muz (US) and Empress Stah(UK).

The bottom line is that is really hard to answer the question about being really original, because it all depends where you are coming from…I have been inspired by people like Leigh Bowery and even Kenny Kenny when I was about to create a look to go out….and I must say that I completely got inspired once , well, I really copied  a look from the pages of the italian Vogue. Remember Linda Evangelista shot by Steven Meisel in a great fashion spread where the theme was Plastic Surgery? Yes my darlings, as you can check below on the right side even little big Gazelle here was covered in bandages one night  thanks to that July 2005 Vogue Italia…and I know a lot of people have done the same look also….even Lady Gaga had a look  for OUT magazine that reminds of that spread !! And Lady Gaga’s version is hot hot hot… so let’s all have funnnnnnnnnn !!

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