my shaLLow moment

photo by Gazelle
last night

People still often ask me how I manage to be in so many cities so frequently. Many years ago when I was much younger…all I wanted to do was to travel all over the world…to experience things, learn about different people, try new foods and enjoy the real pleasures in life. So the only way to make this possible(since I wasn’t born rich) was to be in the travel industry, so I became a flight attendant…and I have been everywhere while working a flight or enjoying my free time being in a First Class or Business class seat on my way to somewhere…sorry but I very very rarely fly coach; there are things that once you are exposed to it makes the whole experience more complete. So as I was sitting last night in my FC seat on my way to Brazil to some days off, I started to watch again Sex and the City 2, then finally came the scene where Carrie is seated in her fabulous First Class seat on her way to Abu Dhabi…I know exactly how she feels…and as matter of fact, in my very own “shallow moment” last night I remembered what a business man once said, that one of the best feelings in the world is to turn left once you board an airplane. I am not really that superficial, but I couldn’t agree with him more! Indeed…

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

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