sense of urgency? where?

       I understand that “people in power” need to get the stress out, but something must be really messed up with the definition of what is socially accepted during periods of crisis. President Obama continues happily to play golf (9th time during this crisis) and I don’t think he will change;  Tony Hayward was watching his 52-foot yacht named ” Bob” in Europe this week, its name should be changed to ” To Rob “…and all this is happening while people’s life are being destroyed by something that they didn’t ask for…and the animals? I won’t even go there. I know the world can’t stop…but it is indeed a lack of sensitivity to the families from all these estates involved in these tragedy. I am sorry, but I personally wouldn’t be caught playing golf while soldiers are still losing their lives in a war…there are other ways to enjoy life while dealing with stress relief ….maybe I was just raised differently….no I am sure I was raised well ..very well indeed!

Larry King hosted a two hours Live Telethon tonight, and if you were not able to help and still would like to do so, you can call

800 491 GULF   till 2am (EST)
or click below

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo


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