steven slater: hero?

   Although I have to admit that what happened to Steven Slater on a Jet Blue flight is very funny, I honestly believe that to hail him as hero is quite a disconnect of the reality and choices that most people have about  what these professionals(like myself) have to endure every time we decide to work a flight.  It is a choice after all, like everything in life. I have a great job with a great life style and although we might be considered underpaid, “according to the market”…I get paid much more that everybody that I know, I have been all over the world….and I don’t take my job for granted. Yes it is true, there is a lot that you have to deal with, flying today is not what used to be, anybody can afford an airplane ticket and  when customers finally board a plane they are so stressed and frustrated and they are left with the flight attendants who are the vulnerable faces of the company which they work for; and the working situations in most cases have not being the easiest ones, every airline company had different policies and pay scale, also add the fact that a perfect flight depends on a lot of factors to go smoothly…so it is not easy…but it is a job and you develop skills to deal with the circumstances. I applaud the decision that Steven Slater has made to change his life, but heroes in the airline industries are my co-workers who show up to work and deal with all with the problems and dramas on a daily basis and still have a friendly attitude, heroes are the firemen who died with flight attendants on 911, hero is Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. Somebody asked me today if I ever felt the urge to do what he did…if it means to change my life for better, yes but I wouldn’t exit that way…lol !! If anything good comes out of this, is the awareness of what flight attendants and people in the airline industry have to endure…now if you can’t deal with it, just get out…I guess that’s what Steven Slater did … me? Nothing against beer…but I drink champagne…my style is way different !


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