the age of cynicism

         Yesterday I was asked that if I could trade places with someone else for one day only, who would I pick? I said nobody, honestly…She said she would love to be Angelina Jolie for one full day. Although I can respect the fantasy in trading places with someone so beautiful, glamorous and powerful, I believe more and more that people are forgetting to live their own lives and get caught up in a world that is so far out there, that quite frankly everything is becoming a joke. We are living in a time where everything is about projection…the projection of success, of what few have and the most lack…I have been lucky in my life to be able to fly all over the world as a flight attendant, from different places like Buenos Aires to Toquio, not only once, but many times…and such position have giving me the advantage to understand the differences and priorities of so many cultures, of so many people, and have a very small understanding of perhaps what life could be or is , in a way I am passing through this world at my own speed. I guess I wasn’t lucky to get to this position, very young I wanted to know the world, so I worked very hard to get this job(believe me it is not an easy job to get). While people are facing 9 to 5 work schedules, my problem is sleeping depravation for always being so out and about in the cities where I lay over. Watching the world is fascinating, and it has made me develop a tough skin to its unexpected  changes…which consists more of tragedies(of human and natural causes), and the way people react to it…In most cases people are so cynical that is painful. I still can’t believe that Royal Caribbean fiasco in Haiti, with the excuse that it would be helping the economy…wow! How about Sen. John Edwards? Can you imagine if he had been elected the President of  the United States of America? And the list goes on…. I get so caught up in the middle of discussions about religion, politics, who betrayed who, who did what, who didn’t do enough…and blah blah blah…I even got accused for living a frivolous life…and all I want is just to be happy, like Dalai Lama, who thinks that’s the purpose of one’s life: to be happy…and I wish the same on everybody, but that’s impossible because people’s own faults, it doesn’t matter what you do, it is never enough for you and for the sake of others, everything is politically stupid correct or incorrect that I don’t want to even look to the sides anymore, so instead of thinking of how someone’s life is for one day I just want to concentrate in the life that it was giving to me, and be able to help others when I can  …so I guess some might call me selfish…but I still just want to be happy, and that’s nothing cynical about it…and yes I love Angelina !

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