the stupid faLL of gaLLiano

photo by Gazelle

       There is a silly arrogance in the fashion scene; everybody knows better, everybody is a genius, everyone is the newest next big thing, everybody is invincible. It is an immense caged arena where fantasies are created but also destroyed, and in Galliano’s case, it was gone faster that you can say wow, although he was a king for almost fifteen years. Not everybody is untouchable, even Anna Wintour attends shows with bodyguards, a pie in the face is not really that glamorous when mixed with fur, but the show must go on…and some models still fall flat on catwalks…designers are so crazy. The biggest genius of all, McQueen, got fed up and said goodbye !     
     The two most dangerous things in the world right now are freedom of speech and political correctness, and on that note…technology will kill us all ! I strong believe that in the future, we will not talk, only text…everything that we could say, might go against us, unless we hold the title of comedians. I can hear the most outrageous wrong things coming out of a sober comedian, and people could almost die laughing.

    Must I mention some politicians?

    Galliano’s video is shocking, that is not the image of him that we got accustomed to, if he believed that expressing himself openly in a bar to strangers in a so politically incorrect manner would have no consequences, he is not only arrogant, but stupid, clearly not well…almost in the same level as Naomi Campbell entitlement to throwing phones on her assistants face.

     I read his apology, or the apology written by his lawyer. It does touch all the aspects of this crazy event, “I fully accept that the accusations made against me have greatly shocked and upset people. I must take responsibility for the circumstances in which I found myself and for allowing myself to be seen to be behaving in the worst possible light”, he says. It does seem sincere, but “God” only knows what happened before or during the fact, he says he was threatened with a chair as a result of his look and clothing …but one must know  that even under the influence of alcohol, the words ” I love Hitler ” is just too much, some bridges should never be crossed. We live in a world where everything is recorded in a matter of seconds and it is passed along. I am even suspicious of my shadow sometimes. It is sad, but we could not only be victims of our thoughts, but also of anything that has an on/off switch. I am not saying we have opinions like him, but I am certain we all have thoughts that we could be ashamed of, or that it could get us in trouble. Helen Thomas, where are you girl?
    Galliano declared he is going to rehab; I have lived in the presence of severe addiction, and I have witnessed, felt in my heart and heard the most hurtful things as a result of it, unfortunately it is a difficult road to make people believe that what perhaps sometimes what you said it is not what you meant, since words can never be unsaid, so I hope he will start the long journey needed for a better way of living, maybe one day he will find himself free again to continue his brilliant career as the great designer he is.

 Freak Chic

 by Gazelle Paulo

2 thoughts on “the stupid faLL of gaLLiano”

  1. I love love loved your article Gazelle. I agree the world is one big text before, during and after dinner.

    That said, let’s round up all the government leaders who have ever made anti-semitic statements (not just remarks) and throw them in jail too, ESP since so many of their remarks remain historically in the top ten Anti-semitic slurs lists – which you can google by the way – forget the trial – burn him, throw him under the jail – he’s finished – PLEASE

    Leave the man alone and let him get the help he needs.

    You know, living in New York for this long we’ve all seen and heard much worst from drunken man.

    Should a man be faulted for saying the worst he is thinking in an altered state? Do people really think that is in his heart? I’ve seen people curse God on the street and they are not on trial?

    Well, hell then lets start lining up all those politicians and tea baggin’ bigots, and no I am not talking about historic tea baggers here girls. I think we live in a very toxic climate right now where people grab on to anything they can to pass judgement according to their own moral slide rule.

    The fact that he will face trial for allegedly making anti-Semitic and racist remarks against patrons at a Paris bar last week shows he is being made an example. What about those politicians who have the floor at an assembly with not a cocktail in site?

    To be honest, had he shouted anti-gay slurs or even anti-American or French slurs, there would be on issue in the press. That,s right faggot. I’m one and a Freak too so I am just gonna say it.

    In fact, where were the torch bearing villagers when I was cornered, when slurs were hurled my way as I was called faggot and told I had no right to live 20 years ago, 10 years ago, five years ago, this year, last month, this week?

    Please, give me a break, if they want someone’s head they should go after a real racist like Helen Thomas (White House journalist), Mel Gibson, Rush Limbaugh, Oliver Stone, Michael Savage, Erick Erickson, George Rekers, Pastor Eddie Long, Troy King, Richard Curtis, Ted Haggard, David Dreier, Bruce Barclay, — all of whom have made public hate and anti-semitic statements.

    OH HELL, you get my point.

    Barbara PLEASE


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