I begin to really believe that just to be born is the beginning of a war itself. We are constantly fighting for the right to something…to be ourselves, to love who we want, the right to freedom, to the basics…the right to believe in what you want to believe…it is too complicated, this world is really unfair and we make it worse. The notion that one should be free to be able to walk on the streets has turned into a fake political correct science where we no longer control anything about us…the truth is we never did , we never will…there are too much religion and dirty politics in a world ruled by money and vanity that you find yourself surrounded with left over pieces of a dream that might never happen. And then….there are guns and bullets…simply…a bullet exists to kill someone, something…a bullet will never spread peace…the obligations of war, the justification of war, the principle of proportionality are nothing more that an attempt to send a message to us that is OK to fight that way, but if you take a stand and say no it is not OK…words and intentions can’t protect civilizations from the evil minds of the world, and such minds have been triggered by actions…and then we are left where we started: the justification of war….I don’t know, it is a mess…and the worse is the realization that we sure walk on the streets today, because someone had to die for our right to do so, and this “someone” was somehow trapped by a government and its aggenda ! Yes, call me naive…but that’s how I see it !

by Gazelle Paulo

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