why i march in the new york pride parade !

by photographer Chae Kihn
New York Pride Parade 2010

         In the beginning of the 90’s when I moved to New York City, I never really cared much about the NY Pride Parade…I understood its reasons and the Stonewall movement but for me personally, it wasn’t something I really wanted to be involved with. I had a few dear friends who used to dress up and they were so really excited to march in it…they would always asked me to join them and I would always refused, and sometimes I would make a joke about it…many years later, another friend who was visiting finally convinced me to join his group who had to do with legal gay rights…so I went with a positive attitude about it…at some point, there was a sudden silence and I asked what was that about…they told me it was the minute of silence in respect of the people who have died of Aids…I broke down in tears…I remember all four friends of mine, they had died of complications of Aids…the ones who had always invited me to join them…and I always refused their invitation…I march for a lot of new reasons…but mostly to remember and to be close to them…in my own way I come up with personal themes…this year was the world cup and gay adoption…and again what I wore was made in my hometown Teresina…and made by my mother Marlene,,,yes she did that skirt and sent it to me with lots of love ! In 2007, she came to NY and marched with me !

Gazelle at the 2010 Gay Pride in NYC


Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

2 thoughts on “why i march in the new york pride parade !”

  1. Gazelle, first let me say you looked amazing as always. I always attend pride for the same reasons, mainly for the friends Ive lost to aids. I came out in high school at 17, and it was a miltary academy. There were eight of us that were very close in school and we all came out all about the same time, just when aids was starting. Over the years I lost 5 these friends to aids,leaving just three of us alive. This year was our last pride before the three of turn 50, we didnt even realise it till about 20 minutes before the moment of silence. The three of us became very emotional during the silence, I wondered what the younger people around us thought, and how they could never imagine what we were feeling. It was a healing though, and I know the three of us felt so lucky to be alive, even though we feel at times we went through a war. Keep marching Gazelle, I never met you but always follow you on your blog and facebook, you are so interesting. We know some of the same people and I am sure we will meet someday. Your a beautiful light!!! Peace and Hugs, Joey


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