carioca black beans at maxim’s in rio

at the Maxim’s restaurant in Atlantica Avenue
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
photo by Gazelle Paulo

          Last Saturday I was in Rio de Janeiro, and if you visited Brazil long enough, you know that it is Feijoada day, the most famous Brazilian dish, black beans as its best; so I went to the Maxim’s restaurant at Atlantica Avenue(next to Copacabana Palace hotel), don’t get confused with the famous Maxim’s, this is a very simple super gay friendly restaurant in Copacabana beach. I have been going there since I moved to Rio(late80’s). 
          My favorite waiter in Maxim’s is Oscar, a Swiss-German gentleman with impeccable manners, I am always happy to see him, and I can feel the same energy coming from this great man. He calls me by my first name Paulo, and there is always a warm hug and a nice smile to go with it. Oscar has been working at Maxim’s for 26 years. He knows things about me that even I don’t remember!

Freak Chic

by Gazelle Paulo

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