carla esparza and her $1,000 sundae at serendipity 3


sundae 3

sundae 1

Carla Esparza getting her Serendipity 3 gift bag


Today, I was having lunch with dear friends Brian Christopher Cummings, Paul E Alexander and artist Scooter LaForge at the famous and iconic Serendipity 3 restaurant, in New York City; next to our table, Carla Esparza – winning of UFC straw weight gold – was celebrating her championship with the Grand Opulence Sundae with the price tag of $1,000 (Guinness World Record). Carla and her colleague Felice Herrig were so excited; the gorgeous and delicious looking sundae has a mix of caviar and golden leaves among other luxurious components. For those interested on indulge themselves, a 48 hours advance reservation is required. The beautiful ladies also left with Serendipity 3 gift bags.


sundae 2

sundae 4

Felice Herrig documenting the Grand Opulence Sundae

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