art basel hong kong 2016

hk 4

Ashley Bickerton

I was able to attend the private viewing of Art Basel Hong Kong; now on its fourth edition and quickly becoming a major art fair event world wide; it is now the most important Asia’s art fair. Personally, my three day trip to HK was so worth since I am testing waters to see what I am going to do next….I cannot be in the nightlife forever.
Before the general public had access to it; it was nice to be able to walk calmly, although it was full, through all the 239 galleries installations. To my surprise, you could actually meet and socialize with the artists themselves. At least that was the case in the two days of V.I.P private viewing. If the economic slow down of China is still present, I guess having artists on location to influence a sell is rather a great incentive.
Definitely, I can say I was in the presence of great quality works of art, which serves me well as a point of reference. It is impossible to feature them all here, but please enjoy these:

hk 5


hk 7

Roberto Chabet

hk 6

 Antony Micallef 


at Park Ryu Sook Gallery, and no, she wasn’t part of the installation

hk 3

Black Milk by Belu Simion Fainaru 

hk 1

Annette Messager

hk 9

Du Monde

hk 2

Kerlin Gallery

hk 10

yep, that’s me playing with the “Acrylic Mirrors” by Lee Bul at the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac corner


hong kong


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo