gazeLLe the love iSSue is now available on vimeo


Yes, my darlings. After almost 5 years of great work and self discovery during this project and of course since November 2014, when it had the world release in Sao Paulo; the documentary Gazelle The Love Issue by director/producer Cesar Terranova is now available for rent and purchase. So it can be yours forever….
I am so happy to have being invited by Cesar for this project…and soon I will upload a post about what I had to endure through and what I learned about me and others during that journey.

Gazelle The Love Issue is available here on VIMEO

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo 

“gazeLLe, the love iSSue” movie wins the “golden raBBit” award

cesar won now

Absolutely amazing; Cesar Terranova’s film “Gazelle, The Love Issue” won the “Golden Rabbit” at the Festival Mix Brasil for the Best Feature Film, competing with nine other movies in this category. Cesar spent three years following me all over the world and spent one year editing it. This is his first festival, and I am extremely happy that his movie won such an amazing award at the biggest gay festival of Latin America.


cesar won

Cesar Terranova and his “Golden Rabbit” for “Gazelle, The Love Issue”.


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Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to cesar teRRanova




* Cesar and Gazelle, in Moorea / Tahiti (photo by Scooter LaForge)
** Cesar Terranova and Valerio Ciriaci (photo by Gazelle, in Gazelle’s home)
***Cesar in the living room of Flawless Sabrina aka Jack Doroshow (photo by Gazelle)
**** Cesar at the art opening exhibit show of Scooter LaForge at the Munch Gallery

GAZELLE : When did you realize that filmmaking is your passion?


CESAR TERRANOVAMy Grandmother was married to a Screenwriter/Director, so since I was a kid I was surrounded by cinema, so I knew it was a matter of time to get in this universe. I watched a lot of films and had a great collection with more then 1000 VHS tapes, when I was 16 years old I started to work as a dubbing actor and it helped a lot to have contact with cinema and video content. In 2004 I became a photographer, and then in 2010 I came to NY for the Documentary Filmmaking program at NY Film Academy. I will keep working on documentaries for a period, I think is the best school for a realist cinema. I plan to work on scripted filmmaking when things get clear.




Why did you decide to invite me to be the subject of your first documentary?


CESAR TERRANOVA: In 2009, I was in French Polynesia and started to buy magazines online. When I found Gazelland Magazine, I got amazed with that universe, I got the online version of ” The Love Issue “, and I couldn’t wait for more. Then in 2010, at the NY Film Academy, I had the mission of a 5 minutes character film do accomplish, and I thought it would be  great to use that as a pilot for a major project, my first option was you. I knew somebody who idealized such a piece of art as Gazelland, would probably have the multi-layered personality which works well on “cinema verite” documentary style. As we talked more and more, I got in touch with a very complex personal story, and that made me sure to have enough material to build a full length feature documentary. So, since September 2010 we have being filming almost 300 hours, between interviews, street walks, meeting, parties and day-by-day scenes !


GAZELLE: What was the most difficult part of the filming of ” Gazelle, The Love Issue ” ?
CESAR TERRANOVA: Following the rhythm of Gazelle. The complex past story meeting a running schedule with venues in multiple countries. A pictures is not only a picture with Gazelle, it must contains elements of different cultures, places or artists and applied to a moment which can never happen again. For a documentary filmmaker it is a dream and a nightmare. Everything happens only once, if you miss it, then wait for the next WOOW !!! When we were in Fire Island and Gazelle made a small performance to throw away on the sea the ashes of Eric Fix( his partner who had passed away), I felt very pressured to film that, knowing how important it was and how delicate the situation was !

Cesar Terranova is a Brazilian born filmmaker, he spends his time between  French Polynesia and New York . He is the producer and director of the upcoming documentary ” Gazelle, The Love Issue ” .

Bonus Question
GAZELLE: What’s next on your agenda after ” Gazelle, The Love Issue ” ?
CESAR TERRANOVA:  I’m working on 2 other documentaries about artists Scooter LaForge and Fernando Carpaneda who are both also connected to Gazelle. They are spin-off of scenes I shot  of “Gazelle – The Love Issue”. It will be interesting to see the same scenes again, but in different stories! I’m filming and filming, let’s see how many years it will take to each one to be done!

my boyfriend Mark Anthony, moi and Cesar Terranova … minutes before leaving to the
Copacabana Palace Shearazade Black Tie Ball in Rio de Janeiro / Carnival 2013