daBBing is here … and it is a way of fashion


“Dabercrombie” by Stay Sick Clothing


You know when the trend is going to or is about to go “crazier”, when you turn on the TV early in the morning and you see Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto, hosts of FOX’s “Good Day New York”, dabbing with Migos, the creators of the Dab, to the beat of Look at My Dab.

Do I need to say that on the GOP Republican Debate last night, there was a girl “dabbing” behind Megyn Kelly who was causing an even bigger distraction than Donald Trump’s big hands….oh dear !!

The move or dance move is very simple, you simply bend your arm and jerk your head down to your elbow and back up again, just like you were containing a sneeze from becoming airborne! I know, it is hysterical….can we please have the “Macarena” back?

Anyway, surfing online I came across the super insane “Dabercrombie” shirt (above) by Stay Sick Clothing, and I think it just super cool and hilarious….and as the song says: Dab is a way of fashion…..

dab 3

the girl dabbing at the GOP debate last night

dab 2

Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto dabbing with Migos this morning.


Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo