eryc taylor dance 10 year aNNiversary







Last night, I attended the 10th year anniversary gala event of the Eryc Taylor Dance company. The beautiful, small and very chic party took place at the grand duplex penthouse of artists Mark Beard & Jim Manfred. In a space filled with fascinating and talented people, who also do great charity work, guests were exposed to delicious food, exquisite art, a silent auction, an amazing performance by the dance company performers, dressed in Scooter LaForge costumes, and lovely terrace gardens. Please visit the Eryc Taylor Dance company site for more info about their amazing program events and to become a member!




me with artists Eryc Taylor and Scooter LaForge

FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

the preview of “the exhibit” by eryc taylor at howl! haPPening





*artist Scooter LaForge, Jesus Oliveira, Eryc Taylor, Timothy Patterson and Samuel Asher Kunzman

The show How to Create a Monsterpiece by artist Scooter LaForge, that was presented at Howl! Happening, had many events on location to keep the energy flowing with the art pieces created by Scooter. One of them took place few days before the show closed, when choreographer Eryc Taylor, a friend and collaborator of LaForge, brought three dancers to the gallery for a preview performance of his upcoming show “The Exhibit”, five contemporary dance works choreographed by Eryc Taylor in collaboration with company members. For this performance, Scooter, who was assisted by Jorge Clar, painted the dancers Timothy Patterson, Jesus Olivera and Samuel Asher Kunzman with neon colors that became extremely alive when the lights were off and they started to dance!
The Exhibit will consist of six performances starting on October 15th and running until the 18th. One of Eryc’s dance piece numbers explores the searing sense of loss when a loved one passes. Very promising indeed!!




Eryc Taylor and moi

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo