gazeLLe asks thrEE questions to leo gugu

Leo Gugu outside Le Souk
photo by Gazelle Paulo

GAZELLE: What has been the most exciting experience that has happened to you since you moved to New York?
LEO GUGU:  The most exciting experience I have ever had in New York was my first solo visit into Soho. I was dealing with boy drama (yuckk) and needed a change of scenery because at the time I lived in the Upper West side on 70th and Broadway. So I fled to Soho to see what the fashion stars downtown were up to. Come to find out I get out of the subway and strut on the pavement. I wore a rugby blazer, and my first pair of open toe wedges that I got from urban outfitters, American Apparel black tube socks to create a slender silhouette, and a high top fade.


I was frustrated and stressed over some loser and while walking,I walked up to someone that looked just as fab as me who had a rarely tall long haired boy at her side, and a few cameras circling her. ( I was new to NYC and didn’t know a damn thing.)


” I love your outfit, you look gorgeous ! ” I exclaimed ,


She reached out for my hand, and began to talk to me. She was older, but fabulous I knew that she worked in fashion but I had no Idea who she was at the time. I told her my full T about this guy I got in an argument with, and she told me to forget about him, and gave me the most motherly hug. The first one that I had felt since my parents dropped me off in NYC two weeks prior. Come to find out the women who shared her wisdom with me is KELLY CUTRONE!!!!!!!!!!! All of this filmed by several reality cameras.


I later walked down a dark sidestreet looking for Seven NYC on Mercer and I see a gorgeous man. He crossed over to my side of the street.


“Excuse me do you know how to get to Mercer street?” I asked,


He smiled and said “No”


I shook his hand and told him that I love his work, he wished me a good night and ran into his car.

GAZELLE: Which celebrity you wish you could style?
LEO GUGU:  I would love to style a hip hop rapper, and totally dress him as flamboyant as me. Someone like LIL WAYNE or someone of that nature. The contrast between heavy hitter rhymes and kawaii style is so hot in my opinion.

GAZELLE: Where do you see yourself in five years?
LEO GUGU:  In five years, I will be an even more successful performer, with international creed. People will know me not as a drag queen, but as an artist. I will be featured in movies as an actor, and on TV where I will host prime time shows for Logo, and MTV. #rich&famous

Leo Gugu is from Boston, he lives in New York where he is a performer, Leo is also a stylist at the Patricia Field store and one of the hottest night life personalities in Manhattan at the moment. Leo Gugu hosts several weekly club parties around downtown.

Bonus Question
GAZELLE: What piece you will always have in your closet?
LEO GUGU:  I will always have a wig in my closet. WHY? Well, wigs are essential to my fashion. Wigs complete each story that I tell with each look that I wear. They are fun and goofy!! Serious and fabulous! They allow me to transform and get into character. You can always tell what kind of mood I am in by the wig that I wear. If I am feeling fishy I will rock a long human hair wig. When I feel like a badass I wear a mohawk. I recently have gotten into feather wigs.


My closet will always have room for fur, feathers, leather, and wigs!!!!


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