we got married and it was beautiful !!

I got married to Cleucio Vieira last Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, in front of our mothers Marlene Araujo & Ereny Santos, and Marcelo Santos, Cleucio’s brother who flew in from Milan, and a small group of friends. The best thing about it? Cleucio is the best, an amazing kind man with the most beautiful heart and mind. The best thing about the wedding day? Well, with no doubt, it was a celebration of love, and to feel free like that, one must not be afraid to live and celebrate love. The theme of the lunch was “Garden of Love” where we practice the art of giving love. But also, we wanted to do things we love, with the people we love….we love our mothers, we love Saturdays, Feijoada, caipirinha, Veuve Rose and we invited people who knew of our crescendo story. Cleucio and I know each other for fifteen years, it was a love “in construction” as he used to say.

The day couldn’t help to have an art appeal which started when the Angel parfum scented flower invitations, individually painted by artist Scooter LaForge, were sent out to the guests. At the table, which had the formation of a big family, our friends received custom sized boxes as the wedding gifts, with an image of us created by artist Chris Fontenelle, my childhood friend from Piaui. The decoupage work on the box was made by my mother Marlene Araujo, before Chris signed each one. The original painting was at display at one end of the table. Twins Andrea e Adriana Cruz helped our guests to find their seats !

The wedding cake was a replica of the entrance of the “Dama de Ferro” club, where we met in Ipanema, back in 2002. The cake topper was made by the Brazilian born and New York based artist Fernando Carpaneda, a lovely sculpture of two men resembling us, inside an acrylic heart, with a sign above it that shaped our theme “Love Conquers All”.

Our celebrant was Celso Maciel aka Lorna Washington, the very iconic artist and gay activist, who is a dear friend of us for so many years !!

We wore unique shirts designed by Alex Mallet, pants and shoes by Osklen.

Cleucio and I would like to thank all the guests who came from Rio, Sao Paulo, Goias, Sao Luis, Teresina, Milan,  New York e Los Angeles. We are so touched by your actions. We would like to also thank some who couldn’t come by, but somehow still managed to be present that day….


All photos by our friends…we love you.

Obrigado !!

photo by my husband Cleucio Vieira !!



history: prince wiLLiam on the cover of gay magazine

atitude magazine now

“No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason” ( Prince William / The Duke of Cambridge)

Prince William makes history for being the first member of the Royal Family to pose for the cover of a gay publication: ATTITUDE MAGAZINE. All I can say is that Diana would have been so proud of him….and we thank Prince William for the love.

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

scala gay baLL 2016 in rio de janeiro


scala 2

scala 7

scala 1

scala 4

Gazelle Butterfly Queen

dress & shoes by Scooter LaForge , headpiece by Brazilian designer Vinicius Ribeiro / Dumpster Chic, jewelry by Pericles Kondylatos and clutch by Patricia Field  ////

Gazelle with Rose Divina, journalist/promoter and PR Anna Maria Tornaghi and with the Scala Gay Ball producer Milton Cunha

ALL PHOTOS ©Frederico Mendes

If I wanted, I simply couldn’t describe how crazy it was to be in Rio for the last day of Carnival. After spending almost four hours at the Banda de Ipanema (see post before), I quickly changed into a more glamorous look to attend the even more glamorous event: the Scala Gay Ball.
It was a great honor to be able to recoup my energies in the private area (camarote) of Scala where drinks and all types of delicious food were being served from the moment we arrived until when we left. I said “we” because I was in the company of iconic and uber talented Brazilian photographer Frederico Mendes, who is now a doing a book about the Carnival…oh yesssssssss…his most recent book “Arpoador” is so beautifully stunning, and its book launch party (2014) shook up the Rio de Janeiro society, it was quite scandalous. I just  can’t wait for the upcoming release of his new work that will be published by Barléu, later this year, with his artistic vision of Carnival. You can follow Frederico’s Instagram HERE.
The Scala Gay Ball was fantastic, the legendary Rogeria was crowned the 2016 Queen and the main room of Scala was about samba, decadence and happiness where people danced until sunrise.


scala 5 ©DanielMarques

moi with journalist Luiz Carlos Lourenço in the spacious private area, in a great photo by Daniel Marques. You can click HERE to check everybody who was there and in the main room area also.


scala 6

Yes, that’s me and the fabulous Kaka di Polly (photo Eduardo Moraes/Maurício Code)



scala 8

a quick blurry iphone selfie in the private area of Scala with darling friends photographer Frederico Mendes & Anna Maria Tornaghi.

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe the love iSSue opens recifest





  • The amazing Cinema São Luiz main screen 
  • me at the lobby of the Cinema São Luiz waiting for the performance to start (body/face art by Scooter LaForge)
  • Scooter LaForge and moi (photo by Rayanne Morais)
  • moi (photo by Rayanne Morais)

Gazelle The Love Issue movie by director Cesar Terranova opened the third edition of the Recifest film festival in Recife, a city located on the northeast of Brazil; It was exactly one year after this movie’s world premiere at the Festival MixBrasil gay film festival in Sao Paulo, when it won the best national feature movie award.

This was indeed an amazing experience, and we – Cesar Terranova, Scooter LaForge and I – were so welcomed by the wonderful LGBT community of Recife.

The opening night had a performance that started with the screening of the short movie Castle LaForge which opened for me to reach the center stage, walking slowly, and spraying Angel all over, from the back of the theater seating map, then Scooter LaForge painted my back to the sound of The Flower Duet(Lakmé). You can see the end of this presentation HERE. Once the performance was over, the movie was played on the majestic screen of the Sao Luiz theater, a very iconic building that is preserve by the federal government.

At the end of the screening, we had a chance to meet so many people who came to support the festival. What a great night. The whole production staff of Recifest indeed deserves an applause; they are extremely professional.


  • after the screening of “Gazelle The Love Issue”, Scooter and I had a chance to meet so many wonderful people who came to the opening of Recifest 2015

FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe the love iSSue premiere at newfest on october 22nd


The movie Gazelle The Love Issue, featuring moi here, by director Cesar Terranova will premiere at the opening night of NEWFEST on October 22nd at 10:30pm in New York City, at the Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas on  260 West 23rd.

All the info about the movie and tickets are HERE

NEWFEST FACEBOOK event page  for Gazelle The Love Issue

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

sparkle transgender event in manchester






I arrived in Manchester for the screening of Gazelle The Love Issue, and as I was walking around exploring downtown I came across SPARKLE, which just happened to be the world’s largest transgender event. It has been going on for the last 10 years. It was indeed a great celebration with live performances by local performers … there was stores that catered to the community needs (wigs, dresses, shoes, makeup), drinks and food stands everywhere…it was with no doubt a lovely afternoon and a very well organized event. I even hung out with Miss Sparkle 2014 and Miss Golden Sparkle (over 50). So UK glam glam…


Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine