dressed wrong to the right haLLowEEn party



*models John Kolic & Stacey Louise Grant with moi (dressed I don’t even know as what but my mask is by Scooter LaForge)

** moi with lovely hosts Ryan Hahn & Harris Levinson

This year I had decided to not go out on Halloween; I mean these past almost 15 years have been completely insane…and last year, artist Scooter LaForge and I went above and beyond with our HalloQueens costumes…
But, what can I say? The NYC party bug was still inside me, and among so many party invitations I decided on the last minute to go along with my darling friend Matthew Hars to a party he was invited.
For my surprise, when I got to the lobby to the fancy building – where I was going to meet Matthew – I couldn’t help to notice a large number of people arriving in Egyptian theme outfits. Of course I immediately texted my friend to inquire about, and his answer was “yes, I think the theme is Egypt”. I wanted to die…not only I was going as a “plus one”, but I was completely in the wrong costume…oh dear…me, of all people.
The super chic and fashionable hosts Ryan Hahn & Harris Levinson were simply darlings and made me feel so welcomed. And if you wondering what was my friend’s costume…well, he was dressed as Kim Davis. What a mess and what a fabulous Halloween party.



*Mikey, Abe, hosts Ryan & Harris and Nicholas

** models everywhere with their IPhones


moi with Matthew Hars as Kim Davis


Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

amanda lepore X heidi klum: the jeSSica raBBit battle

amanda now

amanda now 2

photo by Richard Machado
concept by Amanda Lepore
art direction & styling by Gazelle Paulo
make up by Sylwia Rakowska
hair by Shawn Mount
Amanda Lepore wears Andres Throckmorton


At some point, everybody will be Jessica Rabbit…
It feels good when a pop moment reminds some people of the work you did in the past. From Sao Paulo, the fabulous DJ extraordinaire Johnny Luxo uploaded on his Instagram a montage of Heidi Klum in her Jessica Rabbit Halloween NY costume party from last night together with the Amanda Lepore image we created for Gazelland in 2005. People are comparing both photos and discussing who did it best? My opinion is that BOTH did.
Both Jessicas were made for different reasons; Amanda’s image has a more fashionable appeal to it because it was specific created for a fashion shoot with photographer Richard Machado. Amanda already has the body of Jessica’s to start with, so in a way, we “simply” had to style her as Jessica, and we spent about four to five hours in Machado’s studio, in Tribeca, to achieve that final result in this very special photo above. Heidi’s impressive prosthetic and make up work was designed to transform her in the real iconic cartoon, and since that’s not her real body, which by itself complicate things…that’s a real commitment, I applaud Heidi and her team with the final result achieved: simply amazing !!!
Heidi Klum always brings it to the next level. In 2013, I went to her “Insanity” themed VIP pre-Halloween party at Marquee in New York, and she stunned everybody when she appeared as a very old and wrinkled lady….and me, yes I was dressed as as ” A pussy cat ghost coming out of a painting with wings ” ….. check us below 😀 !!!


amada 10

Prosthetics & Design by Mike Marino and Mike Fontaine
Wig styling and beauty makeup by Nikki Fontaine
Dress by Christian Siriano


amanda 3

amanda 5

moi and Heidi at her 2013 “Insanity” Halloween party.


Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo


gazeLLe paulo on l’oFFiciel brazil

lofficiel 2

lofficiel 1

Yes, this month I was featured on the magazine L’Officiel Brazil on the “Marcelanes” column by columnist Marcelo Ferrari aka Marcelona – one of the most known faces of Sao Paulo nightlife. “The Boy From Teresina” (me :D) headline explains a little bit about the movie/documentary “Gazelle, The Love Issue” by director Cesar Terranova that I am featured and which will be premiering in the Festival Mix Brazil in Sao Paulo on November 17th. Super cool !!

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine
Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

haLLoquEEns presented by momaps1 & susaNNe bartsch




Scooter LaForge and moi will be at the biggest Halloween Party in New York City. Together with visual artists Muffinhead, Gage Ofthe Boone and One-Half Nelson. For sure it will be a blow out of major proportions. Did you see the list of Hosts and Special Hosts above?? Fantastic !!!

HALLOQUEENS – Haunted Warehouse is is the awesome Halloween extravaganza brought to you by  MOMAPS1 & SUSANNE BARTSCH


For more info check: SUSANNEBARTSCH.COM




by Gazelle Paulo
Gazelle Paulo also writes for TheBlot Magazine