festa dos herois safados

One hour before the “Festa dos Herois Safados” started, people were still asking me if I had access to Kevin Ridgely; everybody wanted to attend his famous party and that’s a clear indication that this was definitely the place to be if you wanted to correctly initiate your end of the year festivities in the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro.
Kevin Ridgely is extremely accessible, specially if you are a regular of the posto 9, in Ipanema Beach. I already knew who he was, even before meting him, because some people call him “the mayor of Ipanema”; a lovely description of the American gentleman who spends part of the year in Rio; he speaks perfect Portuguese, he is kind, extremely observant and quite frankly, my opinion is that Kevin is beyond street smart for Rio standards, he  has learned all the tricks, the slangs and the Brazilian way ….but most of all, he loves Brazil and his parties are truly an indication of his joyful spirit.
“Safados”, which is a Brazilian word for naughty, is the main theme which every year has a description of its own…from  *Principes Safados to *Britanicos Safados, Kevin has, in a very organized way, combined fantasy and sense of humor which results is a really great time, with beautiful people, fun food and drinks, hot massages, amazing music, superb view and great souvenirs to remember a super cool night in a very safe area.
I woke up next day with my super hero safado….what a night !! I can’t wait for next year already…Safado is already a brand !!

Me and the fabulous host Kevin Ridgely; and of course me next morning with my super heroi safado 😀 !!

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo