dior poison girl flowers by scOOter laforge

the stunning Sonya Esman

artist Scooter LaForge with his friend/muse, the photographer Johnny Rozsa

After great collaborations with companies like Neutrogena, Patricia Field , CA-RIO-CA WEAR, V-FilesAdidas and Walter Van Beirendonck, it wasn’t such a big surprise to me when New York based artist Scooter LaForge  was invited to work with a world recognized brand name such as DIOR.
Scooter was hired to PAINT neon poison flowers on over 20 mirrors at the international launch of DIOR Poison Girl in New York City at the Poison Club, the party was hosted by Camille Rowe and it was definitely an event filled with glamorous chaos; from Bela Hadid to Keke Palmer, gorgeous ladies were all over the space drinking Veuve and posing at all the photos booths spread all over. Even I did the Dior way!

Anwar Hadid with his sister Bella Hadid

me with darling friend Scooter.

Freak Chic by Gazelle Paulo

backstage at the susaNNe bartsch vogue italia fashion shOOt











What can I say? From the very first time Susanne Bartsch and I were photographed together, back in 2004, to be able to be present at many important  events in her super busy social life like the opening of her exhibit “Fashion Underground: The World of Susanne Bartsch” at FIT. It felt very special to receive an invitation from her to appear at her historic fashion editorial for Vogue Italia shot by Steven Klein, styled by Patti Wilson and make up by Kabuki. For someone who is not a model like moi, it felt amazing, but also it was extra special to be standing next to my friend and artist Scooter LaForge, and yes I was fully dressed in Scooter, from wig to shoes…amazing.
The shoot itself spread over two days at Pier 59 Studios; needless to say it was a lot of fun; I was able to reconnect with old colleagues and meet fabulous people like the incredible Duo RAW from Sweden …yes, I very rarely go out now…unless it is a great event.
The fashion story spread “YES. IT’S ME SUSANNE BARTSCH” clearly pays homage to the queen of New York night life; the concept takes – naturally and evidently – readers to what it means to be in Susanne’s habitat, which is surrounded by her entourage of fashionable hostess and artists who visually take any party to the next level. She is the maestro of her parties, controlling every single detail with the security of someone who has seen it all. It was quite impressive to see the work of Steve and Patti bringing out incredible images. You can see the whole spread HERE.

vogue gazelle



Personally, it meant a lot to me to be included in this great story. Back in 2006, I was also in a group photo(below) wearing an Apple Monitor headpiece for the “Happy Issue of iD magazine”, when Kenny Kenny and Susanne Bartsch had their favorite artists representing their party Happy Valley, and for that group of clearly amazing people I and Brandon Olson were the only ones at the Vogue shoot above…so I guess my job is done here 😀


Happy Issue for iD magazine / 2006 – photo by Jesse Chehak

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

gazeLLe the love iSSue opens recifest





  • The amazing Cinema São Luiz main screen 
  • me at the lobby of the Cinema São Luiz waiting for the performance to start (body/face art by Scooter LaForge)
  • Scooter LaForge and moi (photo by Rayanne Morais)
  • moi (photo by Rayanne Morais)

Gazelle The Love Issue movie by director Cesar Terranova opened the third edition of the Recifest film festival in Recife, a city located on the northeast of Brazil; It was exactly one year after this movie’s world premiere at the Festival MixBrasil gay film festival in Sao Paulo, when it won the best national feature movie award.

This was indeed an amazing experience, and we – Cesar Terranova, Scooter LaForge and I – were so welcomed by the wonderful LGBT community of Recife.

The opening night had a performance that started with the screening of the short movie Castle LaForge which opened for me to reach the center stage, walking slowly, and spraying Angel all over, from the back of the theater seating map, then Scooter LaForge painted my back to the sound of The Flower Duet(Lakmé). You can see the end of this presentation HERE. Once the performance was over, the movie was played on the majestic screen of the Sao Luiz theater, a very iconic building that is preserve by the federal government.

At the end of the screening, we had a chance to meet so many people who came to support the festival. What a great night. The whole production staff of Recifest indeed deserves an applause; they are extremely professional.


  • after the screening of “Gazelle The Love Issue”, Scooter and I had a chance to meet so many wonderful people who came to the opening of Recifest 2015

FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

how to create a monsterpiece by scOOter laforge

monster 20

monster 10

From Rolf (of Viktor & Rolf) to Vanessa Noel, from Michael Musto to Anthony Haden-Guest, and from Patricia Field to Johnny Rozsa …the opening reception of the “How To Create a Monsterpiece” show, by downtown most loved artist Scooter LaForge, at the Howl! Happening gallery space was indeed a happening…aside the famous names and their familiar faces…hundreds of Scooter’s friends (like moi) and followers, who brought gifts, stopped by to show support at his first major New York solo show.
The show is indeed an explosion of color, disturbing happiness, straight in your face weirdness, salad mixes of sexuality plus light horror wrapped by fashionable themed layers produced by the LaForge Enterprises brand, so clearly there is no need to think deeply to understand the “monsterpiece” theme. Presenting very personal works such as the adorable Cyclopsbear, the exhibit invites you into the world of Scooter through art installations, sculptures, paintings and clothing; an area where this artist has been slowly conquering, although he doesn’t think of himself as a designer, through collaborations for the Patricia Field store, which resulted in major pop stars wearing his pieces.

“How To Create a Monsterpiece” runs through October 10th
Howl! Happening is located at 6 East 1st Street


monster 2

monster 1

* Vanessa Noel and Scooter

** Michael Musto and Anna Maria Tornaghi

*** Anthony Haden-Guest and Scooter LaForge

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by Gazelle Paulo

with scOOter laforge at chez priape




On our last day in Montreal, we visited our New York friend Stephen Pevner who lives there six months out of the year. Stephen, who besides being a successful film producer, is the force behind the super amazing brand Saint at Large….and as if all this wasn’t enough, his new business endeavor is the Chez Priape store, located in the heart of gay Montreal, where you can find just all the accessories to make your hot body look even hotter…ask my friend Scooter LaForge and he will tell you…or show you… 😀



*Stephen Pevner and Scooter LaForge

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

scOOter laforge capsule coLLection for vfiles






It was really amazing to see my friend and artist Scooter LaForge at the launch of his collection for VFiles at the Soho store brand in New York City; jackets, T-shirts, lunch boxes and even bomb grenades were some of the articles that Scooter painted over with his cool style. It was a hit !! I managed to get there really early and scored the only “Rio de Janeiro” shirt. 😀
Scooter was on location signing shirts. It got crowded that eventually just very few pieces were left, and you can still find them on the VFiles shop … so hurry up!!





Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

beyoncé wearing scOOter laforge


beyonce scooter now

Well, pop sensation Beyoncé could have worn any label she wanted tonight to attend the All-Stars Game in New York City. And, did I mention that Kanye West just had a fashion show for his line, and of course she is support him. Well, but our loved star decided to cover her gorgeous body and “whatever” she had on by wearing a custom made jacket by the artist Scooter LaForge for Patricia Field….and that’s simple MAJOR…eat your heart out Kanye West…. just saying … :D. Follow Scooter LaForge, he is the real deal…


beyonce nw


Scooter once dressed another pop star for a photo shoot: Nicki Minaj


scooter deebie

Scooter LaForge has also dressed Debbie Harry

Freak Chic
by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine

wearable art by scOOter laforge

scooter gloves 2

This week, I stopped by at the studio of my friend Scooter LaForge while he was very busy working on some new pieces to be delivered to the Patricia Field Store: beautiful denim high sleeves that can be used as boot covers, leg warmers, jacket sleeves or arm covers. So cool and one of a kind. Loved them so much that I asked Scooter to model some of them for me. 😀

scooter gloves 1



Gazelle also writes for TheBlot Magazine
by Gazelle Paulo

traveLLing to paris with scOOter laforge


Last month my friend Scooter LaForge invited me to be his “plus one” guest on a three day trip to Paris. Of course my answer was yes. I love Paris, and to travel with Scooter is just a lot of fun. The main reason of the trip was to attend the fashion show of Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck; Scooter did another collaboration with Walter; this time for his S/S 2015 WhamBam collection. Scooter made me a special dress for the occasion and I must say his dress was a success everywhere we went.

Needless to say that we had a blast in Paris waiting for the day of Walter’s show which happened to be on our last day in Paris, and after the fabulous runway presentation, I hung out backstage with Scooter for a while, and we still had energy to go straight to the Mugler Follies dinner plus show. It was my second time watching it, and I would watch it a third time…just saying.
Thank you Scooter; I will be your “plus one” anytime … 😀


FreakChic by Gazelle Paulo

Gazelle also writes for TheBlot and NewYorkSPY